I can say this is the word of these days to me and unfortunately to many people in this time of crisis! I have candidate to some jobs and then when they contact me I always know what is coming up…

First they start with some group and individual activities and tests, that´s all ok, then we wait for them to contact us. Then they call to give the day and time to an interview (only that day/time, because if you have already something scheduled you’ll miss this interview forever…) So you’re trying to get a job but you can’t have two interviews in the same time (you have to choose what you prefer because one of them will be lost)… why this?

Second you have the interview, it’s when they ask things about yourself so that they can undestand what kind of person you are, I personally feel like someone ‘s undressing me… don’t you feel it yourself? It’s our life, our experience, that you’re exposing youself… It’s now the time for them to make their tender… (if not you may ask the conditions they give to the job appliance)!

Here there’s what I know is comming up: their tender!!!

Always asking for the best skills and other experienced jobs and then when comes their part with the tender: low salary with low conditions, to work more hours than the expected (even when you have a child and there are times on the night when you don’t have where to live the child with), a low contract… a low tender to future sad workers…

A tender to continue a sad worker… which makes an unproffit job for both (worker and boss…).

grafico dec


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